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NPS (Neonatal Pediatric)

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Complete CRT RRT Review w/Flashcards
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  • For the New Exam 2016
  • Audio CDs - 21 hours of Lecture
  • Plus access to on-line streaming audio**
  • 2016 Review Manual - 300+ pages
  • 1120 online practice questions - 8 exams**
  • 20+ online Clinical Simulations with rationale**
  • 5 instructional simulations**
  • Laminated Rapid Reference Card
  • 200 Color Flashcards
  • Highlighter
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"Thank you LindseyJones. I passed my test, thanks to your homestudy program. I had taken the exam before after studying other material and was frustrated when I missed passing by several points. But your stuff was different for me. I learned how to analyze. I just wanted you to know you made a big difference for me." Jessica Volley, RRT Detroit, Michigan

"Im writing to tell you that I did it!. I'm now a CRT and will soon be an RRT. I want to thank Dennis, the guy on the CDs, He's a great instructor and I don't believe I would have passed my CRT exam without LindseyJones. Thank you and God bless." Shandra Johnson, CRT Boca Raton, Florida

"I just wanted to thank you for the study information I received. I previously had no work experience relating to neonates or pediatric patients. All I did was study the book and take the practice exams on the CD. I took the test today and passed! Just in time for my interview at a children's hospital tomorrow. I have referred everyone I know to try this over Kettering* Thank You!" Adam Sampson, NPS



Helpful Articles and Resources

Neonatal Pediatric Specialty Exam
Pathology Review
One of the more challenging aspects of the neonatal pediatric specialty exam is the vast array of pathologies that the NPS test taker must be familiar with to be successful. While these pathologies and situations can be challenging, understanding a few basic generalities about the array of diseases found on the exam can be extremely helpful. Namely, recognizing that all pathologies and ailments can be categorized into two distinct areas – pulmonary problems and congenital defects or abnormalities.
NPS Exam Pathology Review....


Reducing Test Anxiety
For some, credentialing examinations are a way to measure a candidate’s level of competence in a particular profession. For others, examinations may create stressful situations. Most people experience some level of anxiety during an examination. However, when anxiety begins to affect examination performance it becomes problematic. Classic test anxiety refers to various physiological and emotional responses to tension or stress resulting from apprehension for an upcoming examination
Reducing Test Anxiety...

Selecting a RT Program
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, respiratory therapists are now absorbing most of the responsibilities previously performed by respiratory therapy technicians ( Respiratory therapy programs preparing graduates for the entry-level Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credential, conferred by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC), are available to those seeking gateway instruction in the field.
Selecting an RT Program...


How do I get my NPS?
The Neonatal Pediatric Specialty (NPS) credential can be obtained by any CRT or RRT credentialed respiratory therapist by simply taking the NPS (Neonatal Pediatric Specialty) examination offered by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC). A CRT can challenge the exam after some documented experience with neonates. (see NBRC for specific requirements). A respiratory therapist with an RRT credential may challenge the exam at will, regardless of experience (or no experience) with neonates or pediatric patients
Getting your NPS...


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