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You've sacrificed time, money, blood, and tears. It's time to finish the job. We're here for you. The Lindsey Jones method is the most effective and most preferred CRT and RRT exam preparation program compared to other leading programs. Among therapists who have used other materials, such as Kettering, Sills, and Persing, LindseyJones is the preferred method. Of those polled, 93% say they would choose LindseyJones first.
Lindsey Jones understands the difficulty of traveling to seminars and cramming 2 years worth of information into 3 to 4 days. That is why our Certified and Registered Respiratory Therapy Review Seminars focus on teaching information management techniques and critical thinking strategies- not simply walking you through a book. You will find that our HomeStudy Course is designed to do just that - at your own pace. With our course, you can study during a time that works for you. Although CRT RRT Review Seminars and our HomeStudy course each have their advantages, both methods have the same highest published pass rates.
20 Years Experience
LindseyJones is no stranger to CRT and RRT exam preparation. Since 1991, over 86% of all respiratory teaching institutions use Lindsey Jones Clinical Simulations. Although it was not until 2004, that the company began providing HomeStudy courses and CRT RRT Review Seminars, over 86,000 respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy students have used Lindsey Jones.
If your the type of person who likes to get away and focus intently on exam preparation, and you enjoy the ability to interact with an instructor and receive personal attention, the Lindsey Jones CRT RRT exam preparation HomeStudy and Review Seminars may be right up your alley. No dead-pan lecturing for hours on in while you furiously burn through highlighters and plan on studying after the Seminar. At a Lindsey Jone Respiratory Review Seminar, you will walk away thinking very differently about your approach to the CRT and RRT exam. Most attendees say they learn more in 3 days than they learned in 2 years of schooling. Of course it is not true. but the Lindsey Jones method has a way of pulling everything you've learned previously and bring it all together in a way that make sense. Attendees often express that the "lights finally came on".
Although Lindsey Jones has been providing Certified and Registered Respiratory Therapist HomeStudy and Review Seminars directly to the public since 2004, our time-honored materials have been used for over 20 years. Since 2004, literally thousands are flocking to Lindsey Jones each year, making the Lindsey Jones the fastest growing CRT and RRT Exam preparation program. With the highest published pass rates in the industry, Lindsey Jones approaches the task a little differently than most. From years of study, Lindsey Jones knows that simply memorizing information does not necessarily empower test-takers to critically think and answer tough analysis questions, like those seen on the CRT and RRT examinations. This is where the Lindsey Jones method shines. Our method teaches how a few guiding principles can help you answer a vast array of questions, even when you do not have everything perfectly memorized. The content creators at Lindsey Jones also feel that practice is imperative. That is why our HomeStudy course and CRT RRT Review Seminar materials consists of practice questions and simulations that have no limitation on use. Studies show that if you have to pay to practice, you will practice less. Compare us to other programs such as Kettering, Sills, and Persing.
Lindsey Jones started in 1991 in Tyler Texas by a small team working at the University of Texas Health Center. The company was named after Dr. Thomas Lindsey, a dedicated physician in rural Arkansas and Nadine Jones, a dedicated mother of 4 who decided to go to college in the latter part of her life. She continued her education, knowing she would not finish, even as cancer was taking her life at the age of 52 years.

"I attended your Seminar a few weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that I took my CRT and scored 88% on it. Thank you so very much. I know I wouldn't have been able to do that well without your seminar. It truly helped. me."
Cory G., CRT - SLC

"I recently passed my RRT after using this program. I had tried and failed using Kettering so I picked this up. I passed! This program was way better than Kettering."
Shawn T., RRT - Dallas

"I am proud to say I passed the CRT, Written RRT, and the Clinical Simulation exams all in one try with the help of your HomeStudy program! Others in my class went to another more expensive seminar and are still struggling to pass. Thank you."
Y.M., RRT - Baltimore

"I was extremely anxious about the vast content of the CRT and RRT exams. Your CDs set my mind at ease and helped me focus on what I should study. I am now a registered respiratory therapist."
Shaniqua J., RRT - San Diego

"The instructor on the CDs was funny and made it very easy to understand and follow along."
Tory T., RRT - Paramas, OH

"What a great program!. It really helped me to learn how to organize my study efforts before the CRT exam. I recommend LindseyJones."
Allison H. CRT -Albuquerque, NM

"I feel this program has put everything into perspective in a very clear manner. I passed on the first try. Several of my classmates are still trying."
Joseph A., RRT - Chicago, ILMore Testimonies More Testimonies


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