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LindseyJones Multimedia Method

Doing it your way means that you study the way you like and at the pace you set. LindseyJones provides the type of resources that maximize learning and retention. Our method includes layers of learning styles through videos, quizzes, audio explanations, flashcards, self-navigated audio/image slides, and audio lectures that will smoothly build your understanding step by step. Generally, the user first reviews a section in the manual while listening to the accompanying audio lecture. Next, they reinforce thier understanding by watching related videos and slide shows. Flashcard decks are used to retain information such a pharmacology, laboratory values, and pathology. Finally, quizzes help solidify understanding by ensuring the learned concepts can be applied to NBRC type questions. All quiz questions come with a detailed explanation, most with both an audio explanation. The very BEST PUBLISHED PASS RATES are acheived through this methodology, which towers above other solutions, making LindseyJones the most effective study method for the NBRC TMC and Clin Sim exams available.
  • Over 500 questions
  • Audio explanations
  • Detailed rationale
  • Unlimited use
Uniquely designed to increase your retention

Quizzes are specially crafted to increase your retention of facts as well as get your mind ready for the NBRC exam questions. While some questions are intended to merely help you retain information, quizzes are desiged to slowly build your critical think skills.

Hundreds of slides
Audio accompanies each slide

Easily navigate among slides
Replay, fast-forward, reverse
Slide Show Presentations
Let information flow to you effectively

Slide show presentations are a great way of absorbing information. Listen to audio lecture while viewing slides, navigate through slides at your own pace, view presentions repeatedly as needed. All slides shows are between 10-20 minutes in length so they are easy to digest.

On-screen flashcards

Study by subject deck
Shuffle the entire deck
Compatible with most mobile devices
Decks include:
Laboratory values
Word associations
Adult pathology
Neontal care
...and others
Flash Review
Let us help you retain the facts

Using advanced proven methods of memorization and retention, LindseyJones employs a flash card review system in its multimedia approach to CRT RRT exam preparation. Flashcard decks consists of subjects ranging from pharmacoloy, word associations, pathology review, neonatal care, and others. The Flash Review system is a fun and engaging way to learn and memorize basic facts and information.

Various demonstration videos

Watch calculations
Replay/scrub through videos
Instructional Videos
Your style of learning

Nothing is as effective as video demonstrations of calcuations, ECG interpretations, PFT testing and others.

Over 20 hours of audio
Seperate audio segments for each section of the book.

Listen to audio lectures on your mobile device
Unlimited listening
Lecture Audio
Listen, relax, and absorb.

The most effective methods of study always include a vareity of apraoches. In addition to the review manual, over 20 hours of audio lectures will help you understand the information as it walks each user throught the manual and provides a deeper understanding through easy-to-understand lectures that shed light on the subject. Combined with reading material, instructional videos, power-point slide shows, and quizzes with auido explations, the LindseyJones Multimedia appraoch to CRT RRT exam preparation can dramatically improve test-taking skills.

Preview to topics
Audio introductions

Preview assignments
Learn how to approach an area
Special Introductions
Get ready, set, go!

Introductory moments are intended to provide an overview of a test area. Obtain understanding of any special approaches or techniques related to study of a specific testing area, a quiz, a slide show, or other information.

Obtain specific study assignments for that focus area.

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