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2016 TMC and Clinical Simulation HomeStudy Course Comparison Chart
LindseyJonesTM vs. Kettering National SeminarsTM
Analysis completed May 11th, 2016
  Kettering LindseyJones
2016 Comprehensive Study Guide Includes information needed for both TMC exam and Clinical Simulation exams. Text-book like with additional information (not on the exams) for completion sake. Must listen closely to the audio to know what sections have questions on the exam and which do not. Material is divided by subject area. No index. Many images of equipment included. Approx 300 pages divided into three main sections resembling the NBRC test matrix, includes ONLY concise information needed for the 2016 TMC and new Clinical Simulations exams to reduce information over-load. Has an index so that specific terms and topics can be quickly located.
Streaming Audio A little over 18 hrs of audio. All audio is available on-line only - must continually have Internet connection and/or access to WiFi. Could incur charges on data plans if not connected to WiFi. 1 years access. Once your account has expired, no further access to audio. Over 21 hrs of audio. Provided both as streaming audio on-line AND on CDs that can be used indefinitely, even after on-line account expires. Up to a year on-line access.
Audio CDs Not provided. Audio only available when connected to the Internet and only for the duration of the account. Not able to transfer to mobile devices such as Ipod or other Mp3 players Over 21 hours of audio CDs. You own them indefinitely. They are in addition to the on-line streaming audio. Able to export to Mp3 players, Ipods, and other Android mobile devices without requiring Internet access or incurring mobile data charges.
Multimedia Resources No videos.
No interactive quizzes.
No slide presentations.
No interactive instruction
Media consists of paper books and audio only.
Instructional videos, over 45 interactive quizzes with detailed explanations, audio introductions, and much more. Learn through multiple types of input to drastically increase understanding and retention.
Access to On-line Practice Questions System comes with ONLY 2 full-length practice exams, available on-line. Must use token to purchase extra questions but you only get a few questions per token (which also have to used for Clinical Simulations) then you must purchase more tokens. Exams available for only 90 days after starting and can only be used twice. Includes access to at least 8 to 12 full length 2016 TMC Practice exams. That is over 1,120 practice questions in total. Unlimited access for the duration of the accounts (6-12 months).
Access to On-line Clinical Simulations Available on-line. Must use tokens (they give you 40 tokens with the kit, but those same 40 tokens must be used to do practice questions as well - no enough tokens to complete all exercises. Once a simulations is done, it may only be used for two weeks, then you must use another token. Review of the the clinical simulation, once purchased with a token, is free until expiration of the account. No tokens required. Unlimited access for the entire duration.
Practice Simulations 30 Sims - Tokens provided for on-line use, provides limited use of clinical simulations with a two-week window. (That is if all 40 tokens are redeemed on simulations rather than TMC questions) 40 Clinical Simulations on-line, UNLIMITED USE for the duration of the account, Collection is custom engineered to expose the user to a balance of all pathology types and virtually all possible situations.
Instructional Simulations 5 instructional simulations, may use ONLY ONCE regardless of your subscription 5 simulations, UNLIMITED USE for the duration our you account.
Strengths and Weaknesses Feedback No aggregate tool available. Personalized dashboard that accumulates data as exercises are completed. Reports an on-going analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
Ability to Review Multiple Choice Exam Not available. Review any exam, including the your choice an every single exam you've taken in the past. UNLIMITED on the number of times you can take or review an exam.
Flashcards Not included. May purchase extra at a cost $30-$40. Includes about 160 cards covering normal values and calculations. 200 Cards included, color printing, covers pharmacology, calculations, and associative words.
Published pass rates Not published. Instructor indicates 90% Surveys shows less than 90% Statistical study shows 95% on the clinical simulations, 92% on the multiple choice exams. HIGHEST PUBLISHED PASS RATE
Tutoring Tutoring by phone 6-8 days a months. Tutoring not available
Free Stuff Nothing evident. Free hemodynamics lecture on-line- MP3
Free 40+ pages of Review manual on-line
Free information gathering lecture on-line
Memorial Scholarship offered to applying RTs
Free Assisted teaching modules (interactive videos) on-line
Satisfaction No data available other than on-site testimonies. Chosen over Kettering 94.2% of the time. Based on a study where 1140 RTs were polled in writing who used both Kettering AND LindseyJones - 1073 indicated that would choose LindseyJones if they had to do it again and could only choose one. Highest documented satisfaction rating.
Cost of Clinical Simulation Package only $245 for 30 Clinical Simulations, usable for two weeks only once accessed. DOES NOT INCLUCE Study Guide. $235 for 40 Clinical Simulations. INCLUDES STUDY GUIDE Unlimited access for entire duration of account.

Total Cost
with Flash cards and equivalent practice and audio

$569 to $669
Includes Basic Package ($360), Flashcards ($30), Play-away audio ($79) 40 Tokens above the 30 tokens that come with the kit, which is required to complete all practice available. Includes using each exercise only ONCE.

Flashcards included
Unlimited Access to 40 Clinical Simulations
Unlimited Access to 1120 Practice Questions with rationale.

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