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Comparing LindseyJones & Kettering National Seminars

Analysis done on February 12th, 2013

Kettering Program LindseyJones Program
Instructional Clinical Simulations Provided 5 latent image simulations, one time use, fade with time, not similar to the current testing environment 7 Clinical Simulations on CD ROM, unlimited use, simulates the actual NBRC testing environment. Used by over 8,000 students every year - chosen by over 83% of all respiratory teaching institutions.
Practice Clinical Simulations 30 tokens provided for on-line use, provides limited use of 15 clinical simulations with a two-week window. (That is if all 30 tokens are redeemed on simulations rather than CRT or RRT questions) 28 Clinical simulations on CD ROM, unlimited use, user-setable multi-level rational. Collection is custom engineered to expose the user to a balance of all pathology types and virtually all possible situations.
Study Guide Approx. 300 pages divided into 10 sections, includes information needed for both the CRT and RRT exams, and additional information (not on the exams) for completion sake. Must listen closely to the audio to know what sections have questions on the exam and which do not. Division of material makes it easy to focus on weak areas. Many images of equipment included. Approx 220 pages divided into three main sections resembling the NBRC test matrix, includes ONLY concise information needed for the CRT and RRT written exams to reduce information over-load.

Proprietary MP3-like device (Playaway audio) (10.3 hrs of lecture)

15 audio CDs, (over 19 hours lecture) professionally recorded in high-end studio - playable in car cd players or transferable to any MP3 player (single license).
Flash Cards Now recently available at ADDITIONAL cost of $30-$40 200 specially designed flashcards covering pharmacology, associations, and calculations. Designed using varying colors and fonts to scientifically increase retention of information by "imaging" the information on the mind.
Tutoring Phone tutoring available at scheduled hours Not Offered - may submit questions by email
Pass Rate (effectiveness)


Instructor reports 90%


Statistical study shows 95% on the clinical simulations, 92% on the CRT and RRT Written exam. HIGHEST PUBLISHED PASS RATE
Practice CRT/RRT questions

275 Questions
Includes 140 question CRT mock exam and 115 question RRT mock exam, both on paper (not like the actual exam environment), one time use. Must self-grade and determine your own weaknesses. Additional questions available on-line at a cost of $2.50-5.00 per 15 questions- limited two-week window for use. Does include audio explanations with each question.

Online Questions are by module - not built as an NBRC balanced exam - difficult to assess your readiness to take the real exam. Only 210-225 CRT or RRT type questions available online for an additional cost of $87-$145 to practice all questions. Use is limited to two weeks per payment.

860 Questions with Ratioanle
CD ROM with 3 full-length CRT exams and 3 full-length RRT exam (totaling over 860 unique questions 420 CRT and 345 RRT questions, unlimited use, random computer selection of questions and random placement of answers so that each version of the test is unique, simulates the actual NBRC test format, provides computerized detailed analysis of weak areas.

Test questions are perfectly balanced to simulate the entire NBRC matrix - complete exams truly help one determine readiness for the actual NBRC exam - not just a random selection of questions. NO EXTRA COST

Free Stuff Free 45 Question online exam - Free on-line assessment of weakness is offered.

Free hemodynamics lecture online- MP3
Free 40+ pages of Review manual on-line
Free information gathering lecture online
Memorial Scholarship offered to applying RTs

Satisfaction No data available

Chosen over Kettering 93.7% of the time. 300 RTs polled in writing who used both Kettering and LindseyJones - 292 indicated that would choose LindseyJones if they had to do it again.

Pre-test Questions Included Included
Base Cost of complete package with Flash cards $390 $269
Cost of Clinical Simulation Study Package ONLY $245 $205
Cost of CRT/RRT study package ONLY $245 $205
Total Investment
28 Clinical simulations and860 Practice questions
If additional Sims and questions are purchased on-line at Kettering
$527 - $665
(to receive as much practice and exposure as offered by the base LindseyJones package) - depending on volume-purchase of on-line practice tokens at $2.50-$5.00 per simulation and per set of 15 questions)
**must have internet access and windos media player, limited use (14 days use ONLY)
ONLY $269
SAVE $231
No internet required, no need to purchase "tokens". You own the CDs - unlimited use - highest published pass rate.


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